The Game of Life

The Game of Life — painted with watercolor, and metallic inks.

This painting was originally intended to be apart of a four pieces board game series. Unfortunately, I injured my right hand during the process, and had to complete the last two pieces with my left hand. This painting, and Stern Halma will be on view at Gallery M Squared through August.

The Game of Life, watercolor, dip pen & ink, 16"x16"

The Game of Life, watercolor, dip pen & ink, 16″x16″

About souvenirofbiskra

I am a freelance artist and surface designer from southern California and most recently transplanted to Houston, TX from Honolulu, HI. My website name comes from my middle name, Hyleigh. It is Chinese and means "peaceful and serene ocean" You can find me in the water, or at my desk painting pictures of the water. :) Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing my work; In paint, print or greeting card form! Contact me! I am happy to answer any questions you may have


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